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Accelerated Reader (AR) is an extra-curricular program for students in grades 2-5 which provides added incentive for students to read and to show understanding of what they have read. Here’s how it works:

· Students choose books at their reading level and read them independently.
· Students take a multiple-choice comprehension quiz about the book independently on a computer at school. (Quizzes cannot be accessed from a home computer.)
· Points are earned for correct answers. The easiest books are worth 1/2 point. As reading level and length of the book increases, so do the number of quiz questions and points awarded.
· Students receive incentives when certain point levels are reached. Each grade has separate point level incentives. (See brochure.)
· Progress reports are sent home indicating accumulated points and levels earned. See AR bulletin board in computer lab also for student levels reached.
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Every 2nd-5th grade student will receive a passport in September to keep track of their progress. Passports will be kept in the library. In November students will receive a glactic reading log, January brings a 'Chill Out' reading record and stickers, and in March each 2nd-5th grade student receives a lei; all incentives to keep AR cruzing in motion. Students will earn the awards shown below for reaching each point level.
Level 1— Vehicle stickers for passport! First stop Outer Space!
Level 2—Ice-cream Gummi treat chillin' in Antarctica!
Level 3—Cool Reader Certificate, private reading time in the library, and a free book! Head to a warmer climate!
Level 4—Hawaiian Luau invitation, $5 gift certificate, inflatable, and palm party straw! See you at the PARTY!!


Testing deadline is 12:00 on:November 10, 2011January 26, 2012March 29, 2012May 25, 2012

Level 1 through Level 4 earnings distributed to teacher mailboxes 2 days after departure dates